The Grey Wardens of Palaven

Join our two heroes, Tully Ackland and Courtney Woods on their quest to command and conquer the RPG realm, where story reigns supreme and loot is plentiful. These are dark times, but their will is strong and their cunning sharp.

Disclaimer: In real life, Courtney Woods and Tully Ackland are Community Coordinators at BioWare. This is a home for anything and everything we find interesting - mostly RPG related. None of the views or opinions expressed here represent our employers.
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Wouldn’t be fair for me to use a Zaeed quote and then not have him featured!

In my head I always play up the dynamic between Jack and Zaeed. Some of my favorite Zaeed banter is on the Purgatory mission. I think this image sums up what their relationship is/would be :)

Source: domirine

As Zaeed would say, “This takes me back!”

Oh Witherfang, it has been so long since we crossed paths in the Brecilian Forest. Luckily I am playing Dragon Age: Origins again so we should be reunited soon :)

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We’re In This Together! 

This is absolutely my favorite picture of the week. Bravo rooster82!

Someone else might have gotten it wrong. 

Mordin. The Salarian you can trust.

By EllenSchebor

Shopping with Geralt of Rivia. Some people just don’t appreciate premium Endrega jaws when they see them.


REAPERIZED KALROS. Abandon Tuchanka, it belongs to them now! 

By DuneChampion

“It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here….” - Adam Jensen

HoustonSharp's attention to detail here is incredible so be sure to open the full resolution file to appreciate it in all it's bloody beauty. Adam really does take a beating throughout the course of Human Revolution - A game which rekindled my love for cyber punk fiction. 

Another awesome Atlus-BioWare combination! Xaine-Kuchiki has paired up the Dragon Age 2 companions with the Persona 3 tarot cards. Simply awesome! Xiane-Kuchiki paired her Hawke with “Death.” I think my Hawke would be more of the “Fool” or “Magician” - which tarot card most fits your Hawke?

"I’m gonna RENOVATE your ass!" - Kanji Tatsumi

Muju said it took two hours to create this wonderfully colourful rendition of FemShep. If this takes just a few hours then I’d love to see what they could do over the course of a month!